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From March 25 to 15 April will take place in Brescia (Italy) in "Contemporary space" an exhibition that brings together works inspired by Dada works, in which I am present with "Unknow".


From a year Link Art Center, founded in 2011 by Lucio Chiappa, Fabio Paris and Domenico Quaranta,launched Dadaclub.online, "an online archive and a creative platform aimed at celebrating the legacy of DADA in the centenary of his birth, which took place in Zurich on February 5, 1916 ". Dadaclub. Online has provided high-quality original copies of a selection of Dadaist works and magazine covers, thanks to the availability of the "Collection Campiani"
Choose from the several works available has been difficult, but making guided by instinct I chose to use a work of Man Ray "Rayogram, 1924"

So I utilized an element of a 3D work I had done some time before using, contaminating and combining two elements born in completely different contexts.

The result is " Unknow"- Where the wind will bring?"

The catalogue is available:

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