Fisicofollia for LEA FULL SIM ART SERIES

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Giovanna Cerise present

Fisicofollia refers in a free way to the futurist theater and especially to the futuristic setting, drawn by Prampolini, Balla, Depero and of course Marinetti.

It is designed as a multi-dimensional performance space, in which light and shadow, color and movement are the protagonists. The scene expands to create a multiplicity of perspectives in a continuous emotional tension.

Lines, planes, shapes and colors combine alluding to an invention related to childhood and madness.

The visitor can interact with the environment simply going through it, resulting in different visual impressions. It is recommended to activate the sound, to catch even the auditory sensations in the scene.

Monday, 16th December 1.30 pm slt.

RED SHOES at MIC - Imagin@rium

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MIC-Imagin@rium in collaboration with Il Margutta Art Gallery - Rome (Italy) - inaugurates "RED SHOES", December 2 at 14:00 pm SLT.

Elaborating on the idea of the Mexican artist Elina Chauvet, who in 2009 exhibited his first installation "Zapatos Rojos" in Ciudad Juárez, which later became "viral" around the world, 25 metaverse's artists have each created a work around a pair of red shoes.
The exhibition's machinima in Second Life will be screened at Margutta (RL) during the inauguration of the exhibition "Woman in Rock & Red Shoes" on December 10th.
The art and creativity, whether digital or "analog", have always been an instrument of denunciation, and we will get the heart and soul so that the message against violence on women continues to be disclosed by force.

The support of the spectacular show was created by Colpo Wexler. The red mesh shoes for installations were created by Rumegusc Altamura.
The participants in the exhibition are: Alpha Auer, Blue Tsuki, Cica Ghost, Daniele  Daco  Monday, Giorgio Mayo, Giovanna Cerise, Kicca Igaly, La Baroque, Lookatmy Back, Maddomxc Umino, Merlino Mayo, Mexi Lane, Mhyns Mayo, Mikati Slade, Mila Tatham, Nessuno Myoo, Nexuno Thespian, Nino Vichan, Paola Mills, Solkide Auer, Sniper Siemens, Swina Allen, Rubin Mayo, Rumegusc Altamura, Violetta Inglewood, Viviana Houston.

"...give the numbers" at LEA 17

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For the  "Number: from zero to infinity"  supported by the Linden Endowment for the Arts,  Giovanna Cerise is glad to present
"... give the numbers!", a collective project with
Alpha Auer
Ataro Asbrink
Betty Tureaud
Daco Monday
La Baroque
Noke Yuitza
Paola Mills
Pol Jarvinen
Taralyn Gravois

Opening Sunday, 3st November 2013 at 1.30 pm SLT

DIAMONDS at Burn2- 2013

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Diamonds is an immersive art installation created to BURN 2- 2013
At the center of the diamonds are almost a giant cage that symbolizes slavery that often people of wealth. An illusion that can fly away at any time .
19- 27 october


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Giovanna Cerise presents Arithmos for LEA Land Grant

Fascination and illusion in  balance between rationality and irrationality

The recommended setting is Sunset or Midnight, to appreciate the nuances of the installation.
Come to visit, i hope to see you there :)

Opening Sunday, October 6th, 2013 at 1.30 pm Slt.

LEA 17

Light and shadow@ SL10B

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We can think about our SL like a journey, in that the past turning away become more and more shadow, but not for this reason less important. So the shadow is indispensable to look the light.Previous experiences on SL are the background of future experiences. Go  in the immersive installation and fly up and down to discover shades of black and white 

MadPea Art Festival- June 15-29th

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 Starting June 15th – 29th. We will be showcasing 24 artists from around the grid in a cyber-city display. Come see their fabulous art and be inspired by their creative talent.
Some of the artists that will be on display are: Solkide Auer, Giovanna Cerise, Safi farspire, Fuschia Nightfire, ArtWolf Eternal, Rhea Choral, Ginger Lorakeet, Yaiza Galicia, DavidWeiner Resident, Anrod Meads, Graham Collinson, Harter Fall, Rebecca Bashly, fae Varriale, Moehuane Sandalwood, Daruma, Jessicabelmer, Kylie Sabra, AniWitt, Ragrandt, MadPeas , Voidheart mistwalker, Morlita Quan, FirleFanz Roxley and Noke Yuitza. During this two week art festival we will have lots of entertainment. Live performers, dance groups, singers and dj’s.
Line up of Entertainment:
June 15
2pm -3pm
JordanReyne Deez
4pm -6pm
DJ Helvetin
Madmike Burne
June 16
12pm - 2PM SLT
DJ  Ⓢhadowgirl Ⓢorex
 Shadowgirl Yardle
 DJ DemonGirl
 Gothica Minotaur

June 17
 12pm -2pm
 DJ Banrock

June 18
 12pm -2pm
DJ Moonstroke (troy vandouser)June 19
 12pm -2pm
 DJ Jillian Brunswick
 8PM -10PM
 DJ Rah ( rahdu rajesh)

 June 20
 12pm -2pm
 DJ BanRock
 8pm -10pm
 DJ frosted210 swashbuckler

 JUNE 21
 1PM -2PM
 Torben Asp
 3pm -3:30pm sl time
 Diversionz Dance

 June 22
 11am -12pm slt
 12:30PM -2:30PM
 DJ Glitchmode

 June 23
 12:00PM -2PM
 DJ Soul tomsawyer aries

 June 24
 3pm - 4pm slt
 Dexter Ihnen

 JUNE 25
 12pm -2pm
 DJ Shibari Metall

  June 26
  12pm -2pm
  DJ Jillian Brunswick
  June 27
  12pm -2pm
  DJ Bel Air aka belnoire
    June 28
    5pm -6pm slt
    Ballet Pixel
    6:30pm - 8:30pm
    DJ Cerval
    June 29
    2pm -3pm
   Independent Ballet
    4pm -6pm
    DJ Riah  pari

Sheherazade: if you want to survive, tell a story

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Sheherazade is the storyteller in ”One thousand and one nights” where the frame story tells about a king who marries a new virgin everyday and next morning kills her. Finally it is Sheherazades turn to become the king’s wife. In the evening Sheherazade starts to tell the king stories, and she continues to tell stories for 1001 nights, and in this way she saves her own and other womens life and she is able to change the kings view on women and the world.
”Scheherazade had nothing; only good stories to tell and the ability to tell them well. The lesson is that, if you want to survive, you better have a good story to tell.” (The last storytellers – Richard Hamilton)
In Second life, where everything is possible 4 artists have created installations to honour the imagination of a storyteller. Here you can hear the silence of the sands, enter the darkness of stars, walk on soundless words and stare at a bird trapped in the chest of a human being.
You are so welcome to the opening, or later if you prefer.
The four virtual artists are: Capcat Ragu, Cherry Manga, Giovanna Cerise and Meilo Minotaur.
Sound by Takio Ra
Date: 3rd of May
Time: 12PM (noon) SLT

Curated by Heidi Dahlsveen/Mimesis Monday 

One Billion Rising in Second Life

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For more informations


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 ”Yesterday… all my troubles are so far away..” it seems yesterday but the start up of this legendary group, The Beatles, was 50 years ago. Their music was the soundtrack of entire generations and even today we keep listening and enjoying evergreen melodies as “Yesterday”, “Michelle” or “Let it be”.
 Based on an idea by Helenita Arriaga, Arte Libera is proud to invite you to celebrate this important anniversary with an artistic tribute to the mythic Fab Four by fab four Metaverse’s artists : Giovanna Cerise, Solkide Auer, Daco Monday e Pol Jarvinen. In a two-step presentation, they show their installations inspired by Beatles’ s songs, while Helenita enriches this journey with infos and curiosities.
 We’ll be at Arte Libera in Solaris at 1.00 PM (SL time)
 - January 22th with Giovanna Cerise and Solkide Auer

 - February 8th with Daco Monday e Pol Jarvinen

 Of course there will be good music producted at Abbey Road too

 For more informations

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Giovanna Cerise@Galeries Artemis

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TUESDAY JANUARY 8 ST 11.00 pm (2.00 pm SL time) You are heartly invited to the opening of the exhibition by GIOVANNA CERISE at the Artemis Gallery.
MARTEDI 8 GENNAIO 23.00h (2.00pm SL time) Siete cordialmente invitati all'inaugurazione della mostra di GIOVANNA CERISE nella galleria Artemis