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Giovanna Cerise  presents Synesthesia

A work freely inspired by "Spiritual in Art" by Wassily Kandinsky and by ”Prometheus: The Poem of Fire” by Alexander Scriabin.
For full enjoyment, it is advisable to stop the sound and video streams and turn on sounds.
The recommended windlight setting is "Sheer Surreality."  Users of Firestorm and Phoenix will usually see this automatically.  You can also use midnight.

Curator Dividni Shostakovic
Opening at SPLIT SCREEN - Installation space
Wednesday, August 1 st, 2012           2.00 pm SL 

Exposition Omega Art Gallery 2012-07-09

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Du 2012-07-09 à 22:30 au 2012-08-30 à 23:00 (France)
Du 2012-07-09 à 01:30 pm au 2012-08-30 à 02:00 pm (SLT)
Vernissage de Omega Art Gallery, le lundi 9 juillet à 1:30 pm SLT, 22h30 FR qui exposera les travaux de :

- ɱØ尺Lĭ, MORLITA Quan in SL
- Nathalie Gobé, Merlina Rokocoko in SL
- Chuck M Clip, CHUCKMATRIX Clip in SL
- KeariElizabeth Resident
- Artman Diavolo
- Fae Varriale
- Ub Yifu
- Jean-Marc Larroque, Newbab Zsigmond in SL
- Marie Wattre, JadeYu Fhang in SL
- Giovanna Cerise 

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