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Confusion, artwork in black and withe.

It appears with an overlap of identical male faces but seen from different perspectives. It was inspired by the work of Pirandello's "One, no one hundred thousand." A single face, differently seen by the viewer to get to the end in not knowing what his identity.

"For me the creations of Giovanna always remind me of Markus Raetz. Markus Raetz is a Swiss sculptor and conceptual artist. Like Escher he plays with perspective and illusions. Raetz made a sculpture called ‘Nichtpfeife’ (Non-Pipe), winking at the famous ‘Ceci n’ est pas une pipe’ from René Magritte. He also made a YES and NO sculpture and various other works that all have in common that the object you want to see ( a pipe, the word YES and the word NO) only will show itself when you look at it from a specific angle and sometimes also distance."

"3D Art  colored, heterogeneous and communicative.
These are the adjectives that come to mind after having enjoyed her exhibition yesterday at the “The Eye Gallery “.
The colors are a characteristic feature, are not chosen at random, but they have a function of “reinforcing” the communicative aspect."

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