"Il folle volo" at Lost Town

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Odysseus is a character from the powerful charm and really modern, who has inspired poets, writers and artists of all time. He is the protagonist of the Odyssey and his figure is present in many works of all time as Virgil's Aeneid , Dante  Alighieri ‘s Divina Commedia or Ulysses by James Joyce
The work presented in Lost Town is freely inspired to some events in which the man with the multi-faceted appearance will prove its capabilities. Odysseus and his journey becomes the symbol of the journey of all men who refuse to be trapped by dogma ropes, conformism and fear and prefer to go further, risking.
Everyone can be an Ulysses, when we are ready to take "il folle volo”. Is always right do it?

1.    The Trojan Horse .
After a long war between Greeks and Trojans, Odysseus conceived the idea of building a giant wooden horse, in whose belly Greek warriors had hidden. The horse was presented as an offering of thanks to Athena. The Trojans, happy for the departure of the Greeks, although some disagreed, took him inside. The night the Greek warriors went out and killed the Trojans asleep and drunk.
The Trojan horse is the symbol of deception for excellence in every age. Majestic and imposing, it manages to escape every attempt to put reins. It 'a powerful weapon used by man, regardless of consequences

2.    Polyphemus.
Ulysses arrives at the land of the Cyclops, monstrous giants shepherds with only one eye. Here the Greek hero and his companions are captured by Polyphemus, and Ulysses is saved using his cunning: after he have said the moster that is name is “None”, Odysseus makes the Cyclops drunk and then blindes him with a pole hot. When Polyphemus screams "Nobody has blinded him", the other Cyclopes simply believe that he has exaggerated with wine. Odysseus and his companions leaves the cave of Polyphemus  hidden under some sheep.

Polyphemus can be seen as "the other", "the different." It's not only  different because he has another physical appearance, but especially because he does not respect rules. He is an asocial, without laws or respect for the rites. However he is not only someone different from us. He can be considered also as our different side, the one we hide.

3.    Circe
The enchantress Circe turns men into pigs. She falls in love with Odysseus, that will break the spell only by a magic herb given to him by Hermes. The hero will remain with the enchantress for a year.

Circe is an ambiguous and disturbing woman, who can fascinate, destroy or save. Super and in the balance between different worlds, she  is always present and weaves her webs everywhere.

4.    The Sirens
During his journey Odysseus meets the Sirens, mythological monsters, which attract sailors with their song, making them shipwreck. He obstruct his companions’ ears with wax and binds himself to the mainmast, to listen to the song of the mythological creatures without yield.
The sirens are among the best known and most widespread mythological figures in popular beliefs. Represented in various ways, in the modern age they are represented as women with the bottom in the shape of fish. They bewitch and seduce only to kill, bind without giving way to escape

5.    The mad flight
Dante in Canto XXVI of the Inferno from the Divine Comedy places Ulysses in the group of fraudulent and imagine that the Greek hero narrates his story, after his return to Ithaca. His island cannot  quench his thirst for adventure and his voracious desire to investigate. So he will come to cross the columns of Hercules, which were considered the limit of the known world, beyond which there was only death. And Ulysses will cross the columns, going to meet a death caused by a vortex that will rise from the mountain of Purgatory which Dante imagines that lies beyond these columns.

The mad flight can be considered as the symbol of a journey into the unknown. It 'is also the daily challenge that every man faces in his journey in trying to overcome its limitations, large or small they are.
The consciousness of risk a lot will not stop him.

 Opening  Thursday, August 28th at 1:00 pm SL Time


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