Your breath was shed at LEA 10

12:09:00 Giovanna Cerise 0 Comments

For the project " Your breath was shed" created by Mimesis Monday/ Heidi Dahlsveen, for LEA, I realized 4 artworks.
- Suffocation
- Energy
- The game of life
- Delirium

“The life pass from the first crying to the last breath”.

The man enter in the game of life trough the first breath. This is always connected intrinsically to the emotional word. The breath of life allow us to live and when it is held, our emotions are imprisoned too.

It is suggested to activate the sound and to deactivate the streaming.
It is suggested to use region Windlight and set up  grafic preferences on advanced Lighthing model and shadows Sun/moon
Opening Sunday 9th of march @ LEA 10 at 1.00 pm slt
The exhibition will be open until 28 March

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